The nature of our work is highly confidential. We take great pride in this level of integrity - a level which opens up honest debate about the journey you want to take with your business.

"Blas acquired a reputation for outstanding work, because of their deep knowledge of the market, attention to detail and persistence in getting deals to completion."

"The standard of service is excellent and is delivered by a dedicated, caring team of professionals who fully understand their clients' businesses and objectives... highly recommended."

As a seasoned group of leaders with proven track records we are highly selective when choosing clients. To be considered at our next appraisal session please fill out our client enquiry form.

Shared experience, shared success.


Blas brings together global leaders from industry and finance to advise, guide and shape companies seeking the next stage in their corporate evolution.

Our discreet tailored approach to every client creates an invested relationship where we are dedicated exclusively to our clients’ objectives.

We regularly act on international corporate finance mandates, providing a full range of services to a variety of select clients across the globe. Our ability to act effectively on highly sensitive and complex business models is harnessed by our desire to share our wealth of experience, providing clarity and a trusted environment for decision making.

The nature of our work is exclusive and absolutely confidential. We are dedicated to integrity and you will only ever hear about our work from our clients or other advisers who have worked because we deliberately keep our involvement on a 'need to know' basis.

Our Scottish roots (which can be traced back to the establishment of the British Linen Company in 1746) are derived from the Gaelic word 'Blas', to experience, savour or relish.

Shared experience, shared success.


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